irish creme puffs

After a day of nothing but napping, eating, and lounging about, I decided to be productive and bake up something to use up leftover ingredients taking up my fridge space. I had all the components for making some chocolate chip cookies, but I didn’t feel like getting that involved late in the evening. Puff pastry sheets were still untouched in the freezer, so some kind of puff would be a really easy job. Mascarpone and Cool Whip (sadly, I used up my heavy cream a while ago) were also leftover, and they would be perfect to make a creme puff. Throw in a splash of Baileys that has been hanging out in the fridge, and you’ve got yourself an Irish Creme Puff.

There’s no real recipe to follow for these, as the puff pastry is simply throwing them in the oven and baking until golden. Mix up your cremes and chill. Put a good dollop of your creme mixture in the middle of the pastry, and you’re done! I just love the airiness of the puff pastry that contrasts with the smooth sweetness of the creme filling. A sprinkling of sugar on the top of the puffs sets it off just right.


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