review: Matt Wertz – Weights & Wings

Do you remember the feeling of when you first discovered an amazing artist? It’s like you’ve uncovered a great treasure, something that just makes your day. You think that you might just put that artist’s album on repeat for a day … or a week … or a month. That was the case when I first heard Matt Wertz’s “Under Summer Sun” album four years ago in a South Carolina music shop. The grassroots approach he took to his songwriting was soulful and rare in today’s music industry, and he continues that with his latest album “Weights & Wings”.

“Weights & Wings”, released just earlier in 2011, is a great touch back to Matt’s original songstyles and combines his new-found approach that was such a popular hit with “Under Summer Sun”. I won’t pretend to be a music critic or know how to review each track, so I’ll just give my general impression. The album is hard to pin down in any one particular genre, as it incorporates elements of rock, country, and pop – all with a tinge of the blues around the edges. The songs are easy enough to be be regular radio hits (in fact, some of them from “Under Summer Sun” were), while some of the songs also really embody the Southern soulfulness that makes you want to kick back on the porch and enjoy a cool sweet tea. Matt’s also got a unique sound to can range from a raspy note to a full-on crooning that gives a huge dynamic to the tracks.

All-in-all, this album is definitely a great pickup for anyone who enjoys soulful pop/rock with a Southern style. It’s a great introduction to Matt Wertz’s style of music, and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s jaded with today’s over-produced Billboard tracks.

4.5/5 stars

P.S. – I’d also highly recommend “Under Summer Sun”.


3 thoughts on “review: Matt Wertz – Weights & Wings

    1. Some good examples are “Don’t Come Easy”, “Running Back To You”, “For the First Time”, “Someone Like You”, and “Feels So Right”

  1. and for “Under Summer Sun”, I’d highly recommend “Everything’s Right”, “5:19”, and “Carolina”

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