i really want a bicycle

I was perusing my usual daily sites to catch up on news, food, and sartorialism, when I came across bicycles (yet again). I’ve always loved bicycles ever since I was a kid, but I haven’t actually owned or even ridden one for many years. The simplicity of the device is what makes it so great, and it’s an economical way to get around in urban areas. Being that I don’t live in an urban area, cycling is usually relegated to an outdoors trail pastime that requires helmets and sports gear. I’m all for that, but I’m also all for urban cycling on the simpler and more svelte frames available.

Here in the US, it’s rare to find many people cycling daily to and from work or errands. The only exceptions are major metropolitan regions, and even then, one must be in the center of it all (i.e. – flat cities) to really benefit from this mode of transportation. Throughout much of the rest of the world, cycling is the defacto way of getting around, and everyone wants to look good doing it. If only I moved closer to DC …


One thought on “i really want a bicycle

  1. so european. those are som GREAT pics.
    i want a bike too. If/when I move to D.C. in a few months, you are welcome to park at my place ahha

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