what are you wearing today? + Corter “For Japan” leather band review

  • top: orange classic oxford – polo by ralph lauren
  • mid: black leather belt – nautica
  • lower: navy chino milano – brooks brothers
  • shoes: black leather oxfords – bostonian
  • wrist: premier perpetual calendar – seiko and “for japan” leather band – corter

Last night was a stormy one, with several storm systems moving in from the west. As a result, this morning was a bit wet and foggy – casting a gloomy feel on the day. I like to use weather as a guide to configuring my work attire, and I tend to prefer a darker trouser and shoe on days with precipitation. It doesn’t show soaking as much as lighter colors do and allows people to focus on your upper half. However, you should balance it with an upper that not necessarily contrasts but at least doesn’t continue the “doom and gloom” theme (this is especially true in the warmer months). Accenting your wrist with some spots of color is a great way to keep things lively at the office.

I also received the Corter “For Japan” leather band yesterday. it’s a very simple piece: natural, non-dyed, tan leather with a red button clasp. The button part is a bit larger than I had expected but gets the job done. The leather itself is quite thick, so there’s no worry about it snapping or splitting. There is some unevenness to the band in overall make, but that’s a good thing in my opinion. It creates uniqueness for each piece, seeing as how they are handmade. Overall, it’s a solid, charitable piece and should last a lifetime.


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