“For Japan”: Corter Leather Band

By now, everyone has heard about the great tragedy this weekend in Japan resulting from the 8.9 earthquake and terrifying tsunami. It is one of the greatest natural disasters in human history and has left a nation (and the world) shaken and dazed. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I watched the media footage from around the world documenting the strife on the eastern coast of Nippon. The most striking images were just how fast the waters rose when the tsunami reached urban centers and just how devastating it was. The complications and consequence resulting from the natural disaster are numerous, from possible nuclear meltdowns to food shortages to whole towns gone missing. I am grateful that my personal friends in Japan are safe, but please keep the people and the nation in your thoughts.

There is a great need for contributions, be it time or money or prayers. The good folks over at Corter Leather (a New England based company) have introduced a purely charitable product, the “For Japan” leather band. It’s a simple, non-branded strip of leather with a hand-painted red button to signify respect and quiet support. It’s a great, limited production piece, 100% of the proceeds go towards the Red Cross, and is affordable at $20. I just ordered one, and I encourage all my friends to do so as well.

For Japan.


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