review: Nike BOOM App (Android)

Today’s “app” crazy world can sometimes be overwhelming. When it comes to health and fitness apps, however, there are really just a few useful ones that actually do what they claim to do. They usually incorporate some sort of GPS tracking or timing so that you can track how far you’ve ran or how much force you’re putting into your workout.

The Nike BOOM app is a relative newcomer to the fitness app world having only been released in mid-2010. It’s part of a new Nike marketing campaign that emphasizes the excitement of being an impact player. While it’s still gaining some momentum in the fitness app world, there are some notable points about it worth highlighting.

First, the app is completely free. There are no hidden charges or advertisements. You may link it up to your Facebook account to post up a workout, but that’s about all the redirection there is in the app. Great stuff.

Second, the interface is a sleek black with yellow highlighting. The menus are layered and are sufficiently large enough to make setting up a workout painless. This makes it easy to read and quite enjoyable to use. You can pick from 6 different sports or cross-training when setting up your workout. All this really does is change which types of audio you’ll hear throughout your workout (to be explained next). You can choose between workout, interval, or gameday. Workout corresponds to a warm-up, workout session time, and cool-down time. Interval allows you to set up intervals instead of a single, long workout time. Gameday is geared towards motivational hyping up to prepare for a match.

Now, the big selling point of the BOOM app is the audio clips. Before you start a workout, you pick the music you would like to listen to (playlist). When you actually start working out, quick 10 second voice clips from famous athletes will play interspersed throughout to keep you motivated. This is a great feature that no other app out there offers at the moment. For soccer, you can get motivated by players such as Landon Donovan, Joe Cole or Wayne Rooney. For the interval workout setting, you can select certain “boom” audio cues for your intervals that will signal you to turn on or off. On the gameday setting, there are some clips from coaches that can play as well. These sorts of things really add that extra layer of personality to the app and truly help to motivate you.

Overall, the Nike BOOM app is nothing more than a glorified music playlist, but the added layer of audio clips and cues makes it really exciting. There is no GPS integration or distance tracking, so if that functionality would later be added in, the app could definitely become one of the best on the market. Nonetheless, the app is one to keep an eye out for and to try out at least once. You won’t be disappointed.


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