what are you wearing today?

  • top – pale purple and white striped haberdashery shirt – jcrew
  • top – charcoal wool cardigan – banana republic
  • mid – brown leather belt – chaps
  • lower –  dark navy chino milano pants – brooks brothers
  • shoes  – brown italian lace-up dress shoes – bostonian
  • wrist – premier perpetual calendar – seiko

Some people are naturally gifted with really long arms (could be a good or bad thing), but those of us with more normal proportions have to deal with excessive bunching of the sleeves for our shirts and sweaters and coats. It’s one of those things that makes you look bulkier and can distract from an otherwise clean-cut look.

Ever wonder what to do about sweater sleeves that are just too long? Just roll the cuff back one or two cuff lengths. This technique really only works on thin-lined sweaters and not those bulkier ones. It helps to expose the shirt cuff and wrist, thereby creating a more tailored look.


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