what are you wearing today? + Brooks Brothers Advantage Chino – Milano

  • top: blue and green striped white haberdashery shirt – jcrew
  • mid: black leather belt – nautica
  • lower: navy flat front milano chinos – brooks brothers
  • shoes: black leather dress shoes – bostonian
  • wrist: premier perpetual calendar – seiko

This week, I’ve aimed to clean up my closet a little by gradually putting some of the old things I never really wear into some boxes. I might eventually donate them to lighten the load. After doing laundry this weekend, I found that my workhorse black slacks had ripped. I suspect it was from the day of the huge snowstorm, when I was out pushing cars along in the snow. Anyway, this presented an opportunity to update the pants.

Even though I wanted to find a sturdy set of black slacks to replace my old ones, I just couldn’t find any at the mall that were well fitting and cost-effective (meaning under $40). I was looking for something that could handle the wear and tear of the daily grind. I did finally find a pair of pants at Brooks Brothers that could serve as a semi-daily set.

I managed to find a pair of navy blue Advantage Chinos – Milano on the sale rack. I believe the pants are a winter weight, as they are relatively thick and provide good warmth. Anyway, navy blue pants are classic and match most outfits and shoes, so it would work for my purposes. The Milano cut is a slimmer cut (hence the Italian reference) that is slim through the hip and thigh and then really tapers down through the lower leg towards the ankle. Some people complain about the Milano pant being too slim or the rise too low, but those people are typically very tall (6’+). I found the pants to fit very well, with the rise being just about right and not too constricting nor restrictive in movement. The pants have a clean, flat front and have the side button on the front in lieu of a traditional center button. The sizing is also true to fit, so there are no concerns there. Overall, the pants are true to their name and provide a slim cut pant with hints of Italian influence. Hopefully, they’ll last for quite a while, and at under $50 (on sale), they’re a great find.

In the meantime, I’ll still be looking for a pair of black slacks to replace the old ones …


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