simple as pancakes

When I was growing up, my family’s weekend breakfasts were usually some sort of Chinese congee. This was something quite normal for us, so whenever we got a chance to enjoy something deviant from the typical menu, my sister and I would always get really excited. There was nothing like a simple pancake breakfast. After all, what’s more American than some buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup?

This past week, I had been craving those same homemade pancakes, so on my grocery run, I picked up a box of pancake mix. I figured this weekend I would go ahead and satisfy that craving with some classic rounds of buttermilk goodness. For anyone out there intimidated by making your own pancakes or waffles at home, the process is quite simple and quick (especially if you get the “just add water” mixes like I did). Sure it might not be the gourmet foodie way of doing it, but I figured it was an easy way to get some pancakes on the table. Combine your fluffy pancakes with some pure maple syrup, and you’ll be grinning from head to toe with your homemade indulgence.


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