what are you wearing today?

  • top: green long-sleeved polo – polo by ralph lauren
  • mid: brown leather belt – chaps
  • lower: khaki D1 slacks – dockers
  • shoes: brown suede moccasin boots – calvin klein

I actually broke two of my own cardinal rules today, but I think it’s alright given it’s a Friday.

  1. Wearing a watch. This is one of the simplest and most fundamental rules that men should abide by. Wearing a watch serves dual purposes, both of which not only increase your integrity but also make yourself look a lot more put together. Being able to keep track of the time lets you stay on track with your schedule and gives you no excuse to be late to anything, because let’s face it, you literally have time on your wrist. It also helps to place something on your wrist and arm, thereby creating a break in the visual flow of one’s arm length. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on the particular watch and outfit you’ve paired it with. Personally, I also like the weight of a watch on my wrist because it provides a sense of security. Wear a watch; you’ll be better off for it.
  2. Don’t look like a tree. Yes, most of us are guilty of this on the rare occasion. Wearing some brown or khaki themed bottom (including the shoes) with a green top, makes you look like a wood fairy. You might think it gives you that natural and earthy look, but in actuality, it just makes you look a bit goofy. The only time when it might be not so obnoxious to look like a tree is if you’re going camping/hiking in the woods, or if it’s the summertime and you’re going barefoot on the lawn or beach. Or in the rare case (such as mine), they are your alma mater’s colors, and you’re just trying to show your school pride.

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