taylor of old bond st. – eton college shaving cream

One of the essentials every guy should have is a good shaving kit. The best ones are those that are mixed and matched to one’s personal preferences. From brushes to creams to razors, it’s all about picking your own style and making the most of your shaving experience.

Recently, I picked up a synthetic brush over my instincts to go with a badger brush like everyone else usually does. However, the Parker synthetic one feels very soft, retains moisture, and was inexpensive.

To up the game a bit, I went for a Taylor of Old Bond St. shaving cream, Eton College. It’s a great cream that is supposedly made with the young gents at England’s Eton College, a prestigious academy for the elite. The fragrance of the cream definitely matches up to the idea, with a musk and woody scent that has some citrus notes floating on top of it. It’s definitely more grown up than most colognes or aftershaves, and I think it strikes a nice balance between fresh and conservative. It was a real shame when it came time to clean up the mug and wash away the excess lather.


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