it’s truckin’ time

It’s the early winter, and with the cold weather comes snow. The DC area doesn’t get much precipitation (save for last year’s Snowpocalypse), and this morning I woke up to about a quarter inch of the white stuff covering the ground outside. It was a great, warming sight, especially as the holiday season rolls around. Everything was great, until I rolled out of my garage and promptly was met by a sound I particularly don’t enjoy in the wintertime.

In the advent of snowfall, the DMV here likes to dish out an inordinate amount of salt and sand and rocks onto the roadways. I think it is to compensate for the lack of experience in winter driving for many drivers in this region. The sound of all those small, harsh minerals bombarding my car’s underside and front end just doesn’t make me happy. Compound this on the fact that there were dump trucks full of the stuff STILL dishing out their load onto the streets well after the snowfall had stopped and when the forecast didn’t call for more snow. What the heck. That roadspray of rocks doesn’t help anyone, especially those of us who don’t want our front ends rock-chipped the heck out of …

And this point is what makes me want to have a car that I don’t mind beating up and having some good times with. This calls for a truck. Adding onto the segment from last night’s Top Gear USA, I have picked the truck that I would most like to have: the Ford F150 Raptor SVT.

This particular truck is not just your normal half cab with a load bay. This one was tuned to run through the desert and tackle trails most trucks would probably just give up on. It’s been tuned by in-house SVT and has some special suspension made only for this car. It also sports some good power with its heavy duty engine, allowing you to haul some things along for your sleigh ride through the Mojave. It looks bad-ass and sounds bad-ass to boot. This is one truck I’d want to have around for the winter.


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