what are you wearing today?

  • top: white with green pinstripes shirt – haberdashery, jcrew
  • top: charcoal merino cardigan – banana republic
  • top: pyjama blazer – boss
  • mid: black leather belt – nautica
  • lower: black D2 slacks – dockers
  • shoes: black leather ramsgate – bostonian
  • wrist: premier perpetual calendar – seiko

Now that the weather is getting cold, it’s time to start really layering up. Combining a shirt with a cardigan is an awesome way to get extra warmth during the winter without bulking up into a full-on sweater. I actually got my inspiration from this entry in The Sartorialist:

As holiday season approaches, gift giving is on most peoples mind. So ladies, if you want to buy one item that will dramatically affect the look of your man then buy him a cardigan.
As you can see from this shot, this gentleman would look great with just the shirt and jacket. However, he looks so much more refined (while maintaining a casual feel) by adding the cardigan.

The cardigan can also be very slimming. It eliminates that hard visual line where the shirt meets the pants and reigns in the visual paunch of a shirt that blouses out too much at the waist.

I was thinking about doing a set of “gift giving” posts. Little gifts that have a huge impact on a man’s look. I guess I’m getting ahead of myself because a good cardigan would be at the top of my list.

Cardigans provide a classy touch to the sweater category. No, they’re not just reserved for prep-school hipsters or Harry Potter wannabes. They add a sophisticated edge to most looks, not in a trendy or chic way, but in a subtle “Yeah, I know what I’m doing” kind of way. I’m surprised at just how many dudes out there mindlessly do the shirt and sweater pairing and end up looking like they’re trying too hard. Maybe they are trying too hard… I find that I like to wear sweaters with a normal t-shirt or something unobtrusive underneath most of the time because the bunching up of the collar on most dress shirts gets in the way and annoys my neck. A v-neck sweater may serve to facilitate that pairing, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out …

Which brings me to my question:
Collars in or out of a sweater/jacket/blazer ?

(I have always been for keeping the collar inside the neckline)


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