NoVA – Cars & Coffee

There are moments in your childhood where you dream. You dream big things. You dream about being an astronaut or about driving fast cars. Rare are the times when you can actually live out your biggest childhood dreams, but when you do, the feeling is something truly special.

Living here in Northern Virginia (NoVA) for the past year has had its ups and downs, where the ups certainly outweigh the downs. When it comes to automobiles and enthusiasts, there’s definitely a lot of positives going for it. You get to occasionally see some bigshot driving his latest supercar around for a joyride or see some very classy antiques now and again by the diehards.

Ever since learning about LA’s Cars & Coffee, the original Saturday morning meetup that Jay Leno sometimes cameos at, I had wanted to find something comparable on the East Coast. Low and behold, there was rumor going around about a meetup happening in Great Falls, VA every Saturday morning from 7AM – 9AM. I had seen some scant pictures from people who had attended this mysterious event from times past, and this weekend I had enough time and energy to finally make the trek out myself.

Hosted in a little village just off the the historic Old Georgetown Pike, this Cars & Coffee event is what dreams are made of. All my fears of showing up to an empty lot and finding a bunch of disappointment was instantly dispelled when I arrived at Katie’s Coffee Shop at 6:58AM.

Already in the lot were a bunch of Vipers, Corvettes, an Audi R8, some BMWs, and some Ferraris.

I parked a safe distance away (so as to leave room and respect enough for my elders) and began to capture the next two hours with my eyes and ears. I also met some folks from the Volkswagen community as well as some of the other enthusiasts out there.

There were truly some special treats in store for everyone that morning. It was incredible just how passionate the folks were about their cars and the stories behind them left me inspired and motivated. What a great way to kick off a crisp Autumn morning.

You can see the full set here: Cars & Coffee


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