spotlight: far*east movement

So everyone’s heard “Like A G6” by now on their local radio. It’s taken the US charts by storm as well, topping out at #1 for both record single and digital single sales recently. I decided to scoop Far*East Movement’s album “Free Wired” for myself because they’re a good bunch of dudes from the Left Coast who are looking to break the mold in hip-hop/dance. I know I’m a bit late to pick up the tracks, but any support from fans is always going to help artists out, especially those who are up-and-coming and need all the support they can get.

these guys have been all over the place and started with their humble roots in LA about a decade ago. They’d been working their way up, releasing amateur singles and collaborating (and Kollaborating) with other artists in their area. They also teamed up with Wong-Fu Productions to produce several videos and exclusives to try to enter into a broader audience. More recently with their newfound spotlight, they’ve been on tour with some big name acts and had a performance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Big ups to these guys, they’ve been working hard and now it’s paying off.

I suggest you pick up the album if you haven’t already. All the tracks on there are great, and they are a fresh twist on a genre full of overproduced and somewhat dull pop tracks.

Oh yeah, they swung by DC before heading up to NYC for their album launch a couple months ago. Yours truly hung out with them for a bit after the crowds died down.


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