a very scattered life

I took a look at what is currently going on in my life right now, and I am amazed as to just as to how culturally varied our modern lives can be. New technologies and the way we distribute information and goods these days is so incredible. You could be in one place and be reading about something that happened halfway across the world while eating a snack from somewhere a quarter of the world away. It’s certainly eye-opening and shows just how globalization has affected our personal lives.

  • watching: Foodmatters – experts from the US/UK/Australia
  • reading: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Sweden
  • dinner: pasta with local vegetables and eggs
  • laptop: a US brand that was manufactured and assembled in China
  • game: NFS-Shift – Canadian version
  • researching: the Caribbean and Western Europe
  • phone: Samsung Captivate – Korea
  • television: Sharp Aquos – Japan
  • studying: GMAT – US exam
  • shopping: Esprit – France

One thought on “a very scattered life

  1. this is definitely random and gives me no insight into your life. i want more more more more more! look at what globalization did to me. I want more more more more! hhahaha

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