So work has pretty much dominated my life right now. Even though I’m only working normal hours, the stress levels are punishing. I’m really starting to understand the old cliches of how worklife is a lot more stressful than the bliss of being a student. I think it’s mostly the fact that you need to maintain a certain level of professionalism every day and also deliver on certain promises by given deadlines. Granted, this also sounds like school, but at least in school, you can’t get fired for just one lousy grade.

Work is a double-edged sword for me. The good side is that it allows me a daily routine that I can count on, all the while earning money to keep me afloat. The bad is that there are so many stresses and unexpected things that happen, not only in the workplace but outside the workplace as well. I think it’s gradually changing my perspective on many things. I’m beginning to fully appreciate some things that I’d taken for granted before, such as holidays and rest and productivity. Keeping this blog is actually a really good grounding point for me.

Anyway, this month will be/is a busy one, but hopefully I can get more articles done without too much stress!


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