still waiting …

So I ordered a new phone (finally after 3 years!) because my old one broke. I dropped it on the ground at a metro station and the screen went all to hell. Now, I am very excited and stoked about getting into the smartphone world, one which I had once shunned because I did not want to have to deal with data plans and multitasking and multimedia-ing. But I must say, I can’t wait to get my Android phone.

I ordered the Samsung Captivate (from the Galaxy S line) for AT&T, and all was good. However, the package carrier turned out to be USPS, and they have a weird tracking system. Today, I was readily anticipating the delivery of my phone packed to my apartment door. I kept checking the status, and finally it said Delivered. So I rushed home to see what magical-ness awaited me.

It turns out, the package is nowhere to be found. It’s not at my door, there is no notice slip in the mailbox, and the front office has no trace of it. So I start Google-ing scenarios like mine, and it turns out this particular issue of Empty Deliverance is a not-so-uncommon occurrence. Many state that usually it’s some kind of pre-scan by the postman and that the packages eventually turn up soon after.

However, I believe that the system needs to be changed because it reflects poorly upon the USPS’s ability to real-time track their wares. What good is it if you do a giant sweep of mail and packages saying that they are delivered, only to save them for actual, physical delivery the next day? It gives your customers a false sense of security and hope and thus not only slanders your reputation but also makes you look like incompetent fools. No wonder so many complaints have been lodged against the governmental system. Then again, the government doesn’t actually subsidize or financially run the USPS. They actually have a policy where these services and salaries to run the national system must actually be paid for by sales of services and products.

Wait, doesn’t that make the postal system a chartered entity that is government controlled? Isn’t that sort of the opposite of what we want? I am not going to get into a stray tangent on how to improve the USPS, but I would like to see some effort to update and improve the tracking system for customers. The customer service line especially needs attention; it’s just a machine that gives you a few options without ever allowing actual conversation with a human representative. What a joke. Give me some accurate information and a head that I can actually work with to track down my packages. Do this, and USPS’s business will see growth and a better reputation.

Hopefully waiting it out …


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