the casual (summer) pant

It’s the summertime, and jeans just don’t cut it in the heat. Sure, they’re sturdy and look good with just about anything (when worn right), but the fabric is just a bit thick and makes you sweat uncomfortably. You might point to the lightweight jean, which is just fine. They breathe easier and still give you the denim look. But why limit yourself to the standard blue and dark blue denims? Why not try out some other kinds of pant fabrics for casual wear?

JFK knows that summertime is the season to lighten things up a bit.

I think most people associate non-denim fabrics with work and office. Wearing those same trousers or suits day-in and day-out can be a drab. However, just because denim isn’t allowed in the office doesn’t mean it’s your only option for casual wear. I believe the stigma is that if it isn’t denim, it must be more serious attire. However, I find non-denim pants to apply to a number of situations and are a great alternative to make your style unique.

Khakis are a staple of the summer season due to their lightness in color and sturdiness as a fabric. They come in many tones and textures, so pick out one that’s a bit lighter and not so stiff. Trim is especially important, as the light color will show off any and all great and not so great parts of your lower torso.

Khakis are the essential summer pant.

Darker colors can be worn year round and match with many pieces. Black slacks go with anything and can look classy without even trying. Navy is another color that blends well with most combinations and adds a bit of prep and sophistication to your style. Maroon-colored pants are for the more adventurous but can be pulled off with the right confidence.

Darker colors and tones can work year-round.
Navy is a go-to color for most occasions, casual or not.

Colors that fall in between, like a grey or brown, also apply to the year-round group, though I personally like to keep them within the Spring through Fall seasons. They’re great to create a more interesting look that most people won’t expect but will compliment you on because they tend to be very easy on the eye.

Grey pants give a more subtle vibe to your look.

Then there are the linen pants, the breezy ones that you usually see people wearing at the beach and shore. They’re great on the day out but should be reserved for only the daylight hours (unless you’re near water). They’re relaxed, light, and breathable – great for keeping you cool in the summer heat. They usually come in white, off-white, and brown colors.

Linen is light and comfortable for hotter months.

There’s also a myriad of patterns and other washes for the casual pant, but those are for another write-up.


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