oh, what’s occurring?

The title is taken shamelessly from BBC’s Scott Mill’s show, I know. I thought it was appropriate to get this thing back on track and to update on what’s going on in my humble life. Just a bit of this and that. Okay, actually a lot of things have been swirling about.

I just switched up projects at work back in April, so it’s been a rollercoaster of a trip transitioning to a new team and such. It’s definitely rewarding and more exciting than my old position, so it’s a welcome change. Also, I finally got a new car. It wasn’t quite what I had in mind initially on my search, but I think it was probably the best choice I could have made. Happy as a plucking duck right now with it. It’s absolutely brilliant.

I’m also trying to get back onto my 52DC and healthy living plan. After an epic and dangerous night out several weeks back, I am seriously cutting back on the “happy-times” beverages. They get me into needless trouble and cause me to make bad decisions. Let that be a lesson to you all! Another thing to watch out for is what you eat when you do choose to eat out. Some of my friends have recently had cases of food poisoning or feeling ill after eating some heavy stuff. If you can, go for lighter, fresher fare. Anyway, that’s sort of off topic.

Oh, and what about that World Cup?? Now, I’m a soccer/football nut, so I’ve watched almost every single match played so far. Sure, work performance might have taken a bit of a hit, but that’s alright, because this is only every 4 years! And this year, USA have made it through to the round of 16, as have England (just as I predicted). No matter the outcome, USA is now a definite force to be reckoned with, and England must prove to themselves that they do have a superior squad. Now if I could only get my hands on one of those vuvuzelas …


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