when was the last time you watched the sunrise?

i think it was a long time ago, way back when i took a trip to the beach. we just sat there all night… talking … laughing. we’d tell each other stories of our childhood and always wanting to stay out by the water where everything’s so free, where you can hear the rolling and crashing of the waves as they break onto the sand.

we sat there for a long time, just gazing up at the stars, counting each one, naming each one.

that one is you.

and that one is you.

the moon was in a crescent, and it reflected off of the ocean, bathing us in a warm glow. i thought you might be able to see the ends of the earth that night, it was so magnificent.

i thought i could just reach out and cup some of that golden liquid in my hands.

there was a light breeze that night. it wasn’t cold enough to make you shiver, but it cooled you down.

the crackling of our small fire was the only other sound that night. it made the air smell smokey and intoxicating.

i love that smell in the crisp, night air.

we lay down, face up at the sky, wondering what it would be like to be like this forever, to have the beach as your home. wouldn’t it be great?

but then all you would see is a neverending coastline, a neverending expanse of ocean waiting to be explored. you would yearn to go see it, but you can’t because you’re stuck there on that beach. you could walk and walk and walk, but you wouldn’t go anywhere. only the endless sand.

the first speck of red peeked out from the horizon, painting the sky.

slowly, the sun made its way up and greeted the world with its light. it seemed to say “I’m here for all of you to see.”

it was in those moments, the moments when you’re waiting for the sun to fully rise out from its slumber, that i find a peace.

it’s a peace that you can only get from watching a sunrise. it’s a wondrous feeling, as if you’re waking up to something important. you are filled with hope, a great hope that the world will make sense today.

and suddenly you’re washed out, as the rays find their way to you. you are warmed by them, but it’s as if something is lost.

you are fading away.


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