Featured Blog: TasteSpotting

Upon recommendation, I went to check out this site called TasteSpotting. Now, I always appreciate a food blog and good photography that shows just what the author is trying to deliver. After punching in the address to this new site, I was expecting something that would be like a Craigslist of food. I was in for a total surprise.



I couldn’t believe on what I had been missing out on for so long.

Anyone with a passion for food, photography, and life in general can instantly connect with and appreciate the thing that is TasteSpotting. A self-proclaimed “community driven visual potluck”, the website is a collection of photographs and recipes and articles from all over the internet that is updated on a constant basis. Every couple of minutes or so something new pops up onto the page, so the content is usually pretty fresh. Think of it as a Flickr dedicated to foodies. You can also contribute your own creations by registering for the site.

One of the great things about TasteSpotting is that it is user-content based, and what’s even more surprising is that the pictures actually look GOOD. There is pretty much no grainy, cell-phone blandness that you’ll find on some other sites. The photos are typically vibrant, colorful, and interesting. Each popup links you to the site or blog on which the recipe or dish is featured, so it’s a great way to build up a collection of your favorite food sites.

Another thing that I appreciate about this site is that it’s not completely devoted to cooked food or gourmet dishes. It also features any produce and beverages that people take the time to photograph and discuss.

If you’re looking for some new inspiration to your boring food life, TasteSpotting is a great way to rev it back up. There are quite a few things that I know I’ll be trying out for an upcoming dinner party. It’s also great for passing the time at work if things are running a bit slow …


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