Flat Tire Tuesday

writing a letter

So I was driving back home from work today on 66, and I feel the rear end become wobbly. I suspected something was up, so I went to get gas and check out my tire. Turns out it was flat. I guess something punctured right through the tread, and the tires is shot. Getting a replacement on the way. Hopefully it gets resolved quickly.

But that’s not what really makes today a Flat Tire Tuesday. No, today’s incident helped me to put things into perspective. I realized just how fortunate I am to even have a car to drive myself around anywhere I damn well please. And it got me thinking on some deeper things in life, such as what has become of us, this society full of cars and mindless commutes.

So I rummaged through my old stuff and got my stack of letters from my friends that I’ve accumulated throughout the years. I read through them, and it’s a feeling I can’t quite describe, when I scan the lines that were written many years back. Circumstances were different, things changed, we know less than we knew then. And that’s how it is. These words come crashing back down and into my head, conjuring up memories of some of the greatest times and feelings you could ever feel. You just don’t want to let go of them, and you know you don’t have to because you can put them right back onto those pieces of paper and into those envelopes. They’re there, sealed away for you to discover again and again. And each time, you find out just what it meant when you first opened up that secret that belongs only to you. Because that’s what it is, a secret. Just you and her. Or him.

Maybe it’s the idealist in me, this whole notion of letters. A recent study found that almost everyone enjoys receiving letters in the mail, but no one hardly writes them anymore. Instead, we’ve relegated this most intimate form of communication to emails and text messaging. That’s why I say keep the tradition of letter-writing alive. It’s a correspondence that gives so much more meaning. Why? Because you actually have to sit down and think about what words you are going to permanently inscribe on that piece of paper. It cannot be erased once it is sent. It evokes so much more emotion and deservedly so. You can hold on to it forever, and that’s what I intend to do.

No, I don’t ever throw away letters (except junk mail), because I find something special about being able to pick up that letter from my friend or special person in my life many years down the road and being able to relive the moment. That’s what my Flat Tire Tuesday is all about.


3 thoughts on “Flat Tire Tuesday

  1. Damn, that was deep. are you working for the postal service 😛 ?! i think they’ve been trying to get people to send mail again since whenever the heck email was invented 😛

  2. i think i have still have the letter you wrote last summer. I see you are following your words and keeping letter writing alive!

    But…emails are….freeeeee HAHAHAHAHHAA

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