Video: Matt Wertz – Everything’s Right

I’m a big Matt Wertz fan. Went to his concert at Diesel when he was in Pittsburgh, and let me tell you, this dude is really talented. Not only does he sound awesome live on stage, but he also puts on a great show for the audience. It was really surprising that the crowd was so small though, less than 50 people.

What makes makes his music really stand out amongst other artists in his genre is that fact that his songs are genuinely about his experiences and whatever ideas pop into his head. He doesn’t have overdone studio mastering or big-name label PR trying to push his work into a cliche category. It’s melodic and has a distinct feel to it not found in any other artist I’ve come across. It’s like you can relate to it in a way that makes you understand right at that moment what he’s singing about.

Anyway, this is his latest song released for the radio, and it’s called Everything’s Right. Enjoy.

P.S. – if you enjoyed that, check out my favorite song by Matt, “Carolina“.


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