Robbie Madison, a stunt daredevil who likes his motorbikes, sets up this awesome stunt on the London Tower Bridge over the Thames. I was actually just here on my Europe trip, and lived at the Hotel literally next to the bridge. Check out the article from Autoblog:

Robbie Madison is set to solidify his reputation as the World’s Preeminent Daredevil Motorcyclist after performing a no-handed backwards flip over the Thames in London at 2:55 am on July 13th. Using the iconic Tower Bridge as his takeoff and landing points, the Australian rider performed the stunt with the bridge in its raised position about 100 feet above the water.

Maddison hit the jump at about 40 miles per hour and managed a picture-perfect landing on the other side. The 27-year-old rider currently holds the record for the longest ever ramp-to-ramp jump ever at just over 350 feet and the highest ever “step up” to the 96-foot-tall Arc de Triomphe at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. Click past the break to watch the event unfold on video.

Originally reported by Top Gear, BBC


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