Rear Camber: Style or Grip ?

So there’s always been a long running debate – sometimes very heated – on the issue of rear camber. Purists have always maintained that an aggressive rear camber setup (-3 or greater) should be reserved for RWD cars doing track duty or drift. This is founded on the fact that larger and more aggressive wheel fitments can be placed on these cars for greater grip on the tarmac and to give greater stability in corners. In fact, OEM alignments have negative camber built into the specs. BMW’s usually run an aggressive OEM camber at around -2 degrees.

However, there has also been the side of tuning even from the hot-rodding age that have been rear cambering FWD and AWD cars. They do it to also fit more aggressive and staggered wheel setups, but they also do it for the style. Having your wheels tuck under your fender to fit a wide, low-offset setup is just awesome. And it just looks VIP.

I’ve always been a gearhead and love the pure racing scene. I can’t ever get enough of it. I believe that sports cars are meant to be driven fast and hard and should provide the driver with exhilaration (assuming you have a talented driver). At the same time, when it comes to my personal car, I believe that one can sacrifice some of that purity for style, especially when your car is not a sports car.

I’ve had my own personal debates on show cars versus track cars, and I still believe that pure show cars have their purpose (though I’d never build a trailer-queen, what’s the fun in that?). With the bB, I’ve come to accept the fact that it will never be as fast as a Civic Si nor as fast an F-150. In fact, it’s one of the slowest cars on the road. It wasn’t meant to be fast; it was meant to carry people and cargo in a cool package. That’s where this debate comes in.

Right now, the 410’s are the most aggressive setup I’ve driven on. The rubbing issue has pretty much gone away, but I know it’s there when the car is loaded up. Thus, I’ve been thinking about rear camber plates from It’s founded and run by some great guys over at bBsquad. All the pictures and sweet looking shots of bB’s dropped on aggressive wheels with a rear camber have me wishing to do a test fit. The box is currently at -0.8 degrees of rear camber (well within the OEM range), and so putting on the -3’s would drop me at -3.8 total. I think it would look dope. My only hesitations are how the driving would be affected in terms of being able to go at speed and handling. The bBsquad guys say the realcamber set are absolutely great and are pretty much the best things in camber going on right now. I believe them, since they’ve run many other brands before and vouch that dancar420’s plates are legit.

This is gonna be a tough decision …


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