Suicide Sunday: why can’t our college do this ?!

So in Cambridge, England, there’s this thing called Suicide Sunday. It’s the weekend after students finish exams and go buck wild with drinking and partying and rough-housing on campus. Heck, the university even hires security guards to “only admit students”. I guess the “suicide” part comes in because of the river that borders the school, and people tend to get pushed into the water. People lalso ay out on the bank and take boat rides down the river. But whatever, it seems like a great way to celebrate the end of the school year and a way to hang out with your mates one more time before heading out for holiday.

Here’s an excerpt:

2. Stay on the river for a bit: “Punting,” mentioned above, is really nothing more than pushing a boat with a pole along the River Cam. You can either rent your own and try your luck or hire a “chauffeured” punt to bring you along the river. Keep in mind that there will be plenty of self-hired punts out there, so you’re best bet is to stay in the hands of a professional.

People Watch: There are parties at the colleges all along the river. Watch for the splashes, as drunk students tend to toss each other into the water. Sometimes, small wrestling matches occur that ultimately lead to a trip into the drink. You can enjoy the show from start to finish.

5 ways to enjoy Suicide Sunday

Sounds like an awesome time yeah? Another reason I want to live in England … I’ll see how it really is in just 24 hours!


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