Eurotrip ’09

Heading out to Europe in a couple days. Here’s a rough trip map:


From To Initial
7 segment path: 4571 mi
NYC (40°45’N 73°59’W) LHR (51°28’39″N 00°27’41″W) 51° (NE) 3455 mi
LHR (51°28’39″N 00°27’41″W) PAR (48°52’N 02°20’E) 144° (SE) 219 mi
PAR (48°52’N 02°20’E) LSME (47°05’33″N 08°18’18″E) 111° (E) 303 mi
LSME (47°05’33″N 08°18’18″E) MIL (45°28’N 09°12’E) 158° (S) 120 mi
MIL (45°28’N 09°12’E) VCE (45°30’19″N 12°21’07″E) 87° (E) 153 mi
VCE (45°30’19″N 12°21’07″E) PSA (43°41’02″N 10°23’34″E) 218° (SW) 159 mi
PSA (43°41’02″N 10°23’34″E) ROM (41°54’N 12°29’E) 138° (SE) 163 mi
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Code Source Location
NYC city New York [Metro Area], NY, US
LHR DAFIF London [Heathrow], Middlesex, England, GB
PAR city Paris [Metro Area], FR
LSME DAFIF Luzern [Emmen], CH
MIL city Milano (Milan) [Metro Area], IT
VCE DAFIF Venezia (Venice) [Marco Polo / Tessera], IT
PSA DAFIF Pisa [San Giusto], IT
ROM city Roma (Rome) [Metro Area], IT

Will be taking pictures along the way and maybe giving updates at the same time. I’m really looking forward to thefood, the culture, the history, and the people.


Should be a good time.


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