Food: Pizza Frittas and Bakes

This set is actually a bit old, but it’s a good one to share. What we have here is pizza frittas and bakes in Jamie Oliver’s style. We prepped and made the dough, and prepared the sauce as well. Both are quite simple, just requiring you to get the everyday ingredients from your market or grocery. See Jamie’s pizza dough recipe and simple sauce recipe to see just how straighforward it is.

tomato sauce

The sauce is probably the most rewarding part of making your own pizza. The process of crushing and stewing your tomatoes and then perfuming it with your choice of herbs and spices (and whatever else, such as cured meats or even fruits) really makes you feel like a chef. In fact, many kitchens will test a chef on sauces to see if he or she really has the talent and creative ability. If your sauce for a dish is garbage, might as well pack up and go.

Our particular tomato sauce is the most basic one, simply stewing stem tomatoes with olive oil, garlic, and basil. The key is to strain the sauce once to remove all the seeds and chunks and then simmer the reduce the sauce to your preferred consistency.

pizza fritta bases

saucing up the pizza bake base

The dough bases for the pizzas are simple enough, and anyone can make them. The first method of pizza here is fried, or fritta. In this method, you drop your dough into a pan of hot olive oil to get puffy, crispy pizzas. The pizza bake method is the traditional, so nothing fancy there. I prefer the fritta texture, but that’s just me.

pizza bakes waiting for the oven

look at that melting mozzerella

pizza bakes ready to eat

Simple and delicious pizzas are just one of the things you can do on a weekend if you’re bored. The total prep and cook time is about 2 hours, including the one hour waiting for the dough to rise. You can top these with anything you like, so it’s great as a tapas or for a picnic or even for a finger-food party.

Credit to Jamie Oliver for the recipes.


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