Food roadtrip anyone?

Anthony Bourdain has made a list of his top 13 picks of places to eat before you die. Being a foodie, this intrigues me. How can you limit it to just 13 places? There’s more types of cuisine in the world than just 13! Maybe he just means these are just a smattering of the places one needs to get a bite at. At least he qualifies his reasoning by saying that the best experiences are ephemeral and a result of circumstances, but they leave a mark on you for the rest of your life.His top picks located in London and Spain and New York City definitely ring true with any foodie out there. Simply some of the best culinary delights locally and from around the world can be found in those three places alone.

I’m going to be embarking on a summer European tour in mid-late June, so I’m going to get my hands on some great foods and review there right here. Some of the things I’m looking forward to getting the authentic take on are:

  • UK fish & chips – that soft, buttery cod in a crisp beer batter and served with the best chips that only the English can do
  • Black pudding – now this isn’t too crazy, but I’d like to get me hands on some full English breakfast
  • French Baguette – after seeing Gordon Ramsay dig into a full-blown baguette sandwich in Paris on Kitchen Nightmares, this is a must
  • Foie Gras – now I’ve had foie gras before, but to have it the way the French prepare it, from duckling to plate, is really the highest honor you can have
  • Italian Pasta – so in Italy, pasta is the main staple, and to get it just right and with such a simplicity and respect for the natural flavors in the pasta and sauces can only be achieved by the Italians
  • Charcuterie – the art of meat curing has long been an Italian specialty, and to get it direct from the source is quite simply something that everyone needs to experience

Seeing what the locals are raving about and what the top chefs are clamoring to replicate is all part of the ultimate gastronomic adventure. The sights and smells combined with the dining all culminate into a unique experience that’s sure to last a while. I just hope that DC doesn’t disappoint when I finally move-in for good.



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