thoughts on the new Tonight Show

so with Jay Leno moving onto another project, Conan O’Brien has taken over the Tonight Show on NBC’s late night programming. as a personal viewer, i believe this is a good move, as Conan will keep the content and funkyness of the show more contemporary and upbeat from Jay’s style. don’t get me wrong: Jay had a great lineup and a classic approach to the show, but that’s what it was, classic. it was due time to refresh the program and give it a new face. NBC made a good call to relinquish the reins to this new generation of comedian that likes to give the audience blunt, in-your-face wisecracks and spontaneous pranks. with this in mind, let’s hope Conan brings meaningful content to the Tonight Show and can keep the ball rolling for another twenty years. it’s a hard task, but i think we all believe he’s the one to do it.


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